About The Founder - Owen Swick

Early Years – Grew up in Colorado. Played Soccer since I was 4. Loved to spend time with my friends and family. My mom called me a jock nerd since I loved sports and playing computer games. I was very blessed to have amazing parents that supported me in anything I wanted to do even if it was not what they wanted.

Education – Highschool graduate, about 8 years of college but no degree. I don’t regret my college experience, but I could have spent that time and money better. I should have started my own business. You need an education but you don’t need college to be successful. You can learn anything and most of it for free online now.

Overcoming being my own worst enemy – This was a huge obstacle that I think everyone has to go through to succeed. I have a very addictive personality and since I was a young kid my buddies and I were very much into alcohol. We are all very competitive and we thought drinking was a competition. It took me until I was about 36 years old to realize by winning that competition I was losing at every other part of my life. So, I am clean and sober now and life just keeps getting better.

Finally Success! – In 2020-2021 I got my Residential Appraisers License and started my own free lance appraisal company. You can make some good money doing residential appraisals. I have a nice big house and drive a really nice car and my family, and I can have just about everything we need and want. This was what I thought was the pinnacle of life for me until I started realizing I was still just selling my time for money, which is basically slavery with extra steps. However, having a decent paying job is a necessary steppingstone to my next move!

Making a Plan for the Future – After making some good money in the real estate business I wanted to create a way for not only me to make money while I sleep but for anyone that wanted to put the effort in to make money while they sleep as well at a very low cost to start. This is where AffiliateMP was born. I wanted to create a business for businesses that could sell items online 24/7 with no inventory risk or management. I also wanted a monthly subscription business model with its own affiliate program so I could pay people to be a part of the community and to thrive on their hard work and be able to build and scale to enormous levels rather than just plug away at a 9-5 or trade your time for money. My end goal is for anyone that wants to be rich to have a clear path.

My Philosophy On Life (Now that I am older and sober) – I want to be free to make the choices I want to make at any given time. Money = Freedom and Freedom = Happiness. I will only put effort into working if the business is scalable, my performance has a direct impact on the income I will make and its possible to make money while I sleep. I want to do the things I love to do because I love doing them not because I have to do them to keep my house and pay the bills. (I will continue to do appraisals because I love the real estate business but not because I need the money). Freedom is the goal.

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